Two Monsters

Two Monsters


Two Monsters combines one bottle of Mocha Salt Rub for Steaks and one bottle of Chocolate Fire Salt Rub for Hot Wings.

Makes a great gift!

All Rubs and Blends are hand crafted in small batches with high quality aromatic spices and natural non-alkalized cocoa. 

We hope you'll love these Rubs as much as we do!

Happy Cooking! 

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I grew up in Selma, and now live in Portland.  One of my coworkers randomly turned me on to your product.  Excellent work!  Just ordered the two pack!  Probably one of the best rubs I've had!  Most rubs are way too salty and you seem to have hit the perfect balance.  I love to see new businesses from the valley succeed and you definitely have a great product.  Keep up the good work!           Sam, Portland, Oregon